British singer and actress Leona Lewis is expecting her first baby. The couple recently announced their happy news, and we’re thrilled for them! The new parents are due to give birth later this year! While the couple hasn’t publicly announced the news yet, they have already reached the 12-week milestone. The couple married in a lavish Tuscany ceremony earlier this year and have been enjoying each other’s company ever since.

Last summer, Lewis announced her pregnancy via Instagram, captioning a picture of her growing baby bump with the words, “Can’t wait to meet you in the Summer!” While the star did not share further details, fans were excited to hear the news. The couple recently got married in Tuscany, Italy, in front of 180 guests. The wedding also featured Jermain Jackman, Keisha Buchanan, and Jeremy Renner.

In early June, the duo confirmed the news of their impending arrival. The duo shared a photo of their growing bump with the caption “Can’t wait to meet you in the summer!” The pregnancy announcement is expected to happen this month. The couple had told their families and friends of the baby’s arrival back in July. A new baby name has yet to be announced, but the couple’s friends are eager to hear about the news.

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The news came as no surprise to fans of the British singer. She and her husband, Dennis Jauch, met in 2010 while the couple were on tour in T the Labyrinth. In July of this year, they got married in Tuscany, Italy. The couple announced the birth of their first child, and she’s excited for them to meet the little one. If you’re interested in the new arrival, be sure to check out her social media!

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The couple married in December of 2018 and the new child is expected to be born later this year. The couple have reached the 12-week milestone and can’t wait to become a family of three. The two became famous after winning the 2006 X Factor and released her debut album, Spirit. She has been credited with helping the music industry by putting out many hit albums. However, the singer is still in the spotlight.

While it’s still too early to confirm the news, the actress’s husband has been a part of Lewis’ life for more than a decade. She’s been a Grammy Award nominee since 2015. It’s rumored that the couple will have their first child this summer, and a new baby has been named “Lewis” for the show’s lead singer. The news has stunned the music industry.

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