Rapper Machine Gun Kelly opens up about his father’s death, revealing that he has never gotten to spend any quality time with him. He spoke with Billboard magazine about the event, relating how it made him feel “like my work paid off,” and how his father had passed away on July 5 of this year. This was the first time Machinegun has opened up about his relationship with his dad, and he is extremely proud of the way his father treated him.

Recently, the musician and his daughter, Casie, have shared a series of adorable public appearances together. In June, Machine Gun Kelly and Casie attended the American Music Awards together, where he won Favorite Rock Artist. On the red carpet, the two matched in matching outfits, and they interlocked pinky fingers for a playful photo. The pair welcomed Casie in July 2009, and are already enjoying their newfound bonding time.

Machine Gun Kelly has been very protective of his daughter Casie. He and his wife Emma do not want her to get involved in the spotlight. However, she wanted to attend the AMA Awards, and MGK and his wife agreed to let her go. Although Kelly has not publicly talked about his daughter, he has publicly honored her on social media. A new interview with the two of them has been published in People.com.

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Machine Gun Kelly has been making several public appearances with his daughter Casie. The pair recently attended the American Music Awards together, where he was named Favorite Rock Artist. On the red carpet, the two matched in all black attire, and interlocked their pinky fingers for a cute photo. Earlier this year, Casie and Machine Gun Kelly were spotted kissing each other and embracing each other.

The father-daughter relationship is not new in the music industry. The singer’s son, Colson Baker, is a musician who is popular in the country. While he has been dating Megan Fox since 2008, their relationship is a close one. They shared a kiss at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. In the same year, Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter was born.

While Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter has yet to meet her father, it appears that they will be able to spend more time together. He and his daughter are close, and he is also a good father. He is a great role model for his daughter. The rapper has helped her daughter to grow up in the fashion industry. But his son isn’t the only one who has a family, which is why he has prioritized Casie’s needs before his own.

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