The legendary rock band Aerosmith have announced plans to perform in Las Vegas again in 2022. The band’s show will be performed at Park MGM’s Dolby Live. Tickets for the residency can be purchased here. The dates for the new shows can be found below. The band is currently scheduled to perform at their hometown concert in September, but they are planning to return to Las Vegas in 2022.

As part of the new residency, the rock band will perform live for the first time since their 2017 residency at Park MGM. The Deuces Are Wild live performance series will start June 17 and run until December 11, 2022. Tickets will go on sale on March 31 at 10am PT. The first show will be the Stroll This Manner concert, which was recorded by the band in 1975.

The show will last for 24 nights, starting on June 17 and ending on December 11th. This will be the first live show that Aerosmith have done in over two years. The band has already announced a year’s worth of tour dates. The concerts will be held at Park MGM’s Dolby Live and are titled “Deuces Are Wild.” If you are looking for tickets to see your favorite rock band in person, the show might not be the best option for you.

The band will be celebrating their 50th anniversary with this new show. The band has been on hiatus for over two years, and this is the first live performance that the group has given in Vegas since the Dolby Live show in February 2017. The dates were initially scheduled to take place in Europe this summer, but were canceled due to concerns over COVID-19. The Las Vegas residency will begin June 17 and run until December 11, 2022. To get tickets, visit the official website here.

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The band will be playing a 90-minute show at the new concert series. The show will feature a high-definition screen and a 12-screen multimedia presentation. The audience will also be able to watch an award-winning short documentary film of the band’s last live show. There are no other dates currently planned, so fans should not wait too long to see the show.

The band’s new residency will begin on June 17 and will run through December 11 of 2022. The band’s last live performance in Las Vegas was in February 2016, but the COVID-19 fears forced the group to cancel a few European engagements. The bands’ Las Vegas residency will also feature a special documentary film. They’ll also perform a number of encore shows in the second half of 2022.

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