On Friday, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell made their music unavailable on Spotify in a dispute that has sparked outrage. The former cited the “misinformation” spread by Rogan’s podcast, but Spotify has decided to stand by its decision. In addition, Neil Young also asked that his music be removed from the streaming service. The controversy erupted after Mitchell’s post went viral.

A number of artists have joined the chorus of artists calling for Spotify to remove podcaster Joe Rogan from the platform. Some have threatened to release new music to protest the controversial comedian, while others have decided to pull their music catalogs. Thankfully, Blunt has taken a different approach to the debate, jokingly threatening to release new music if Spotify doesn’t remo his podcast.

The singer’s comments have caused a storm on social media. Other celebrities, such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and David Letterman, have also publicly condemned Spotify for disseminating fake information regarding vaccinations. Several artists have been forced to take their music off the streaming service after it pulled an interview with Joe Rogan. However, this controversy has divided fans and the public. In response to the recent criticism of Spotify, many have urged the company to reconsider its decision.

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The songwriter joined the growing chorus of musicians who are fighting Joe Rogan on Twitter. But unlike these artists, Blunt took a more lighthearted approach. In a tweet on Monday, he threatened to release new music if Spotify doesn’t remo Joe Rogan’s songs. The musician’s statement was followed by a hashtag #youwerebeautiful, and he didn’t seem to care either way.

The singer reportedly issued an ultimatum to Spotify about the podcast’s content. The musician has not provided a reason for his decision, but his comments are reminiscent of other musicians who have reacted to Rogan’s claims. Despite the fact that Young’s music was taken off the streaming service, he’s made it available to his fans as a joke.

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The comedian allegedly demanded that Spotify remove Young’s music be removed from Spotify, which it did. Two days before, Young issued an ultimatum to Spotify asking them to remove the show. The band did not respond to EW’s request for comment. They did not respond to requests for comment by TheWeek. Nevertheless, the rapper’s recent actions do appear to be a direct result of the censorship.