The latest rumor is that Britney Spears wants Jamie Lynn Spears (her sister) to take a lie detector test. After a public feud between the two, the pop singer threatened to sue her sister over statements made in her book Things I Should Have Said. However, Jamie Lynn claims that she lied to her sister. The actress and model has been hiding her sex life for several years and recently regained her popularity.

After the controversy, Britney’s legal team sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn. The letter asks her to stop talking about Britney and mentioning her book. So far, Jamie has not replied to the legal letter and has defended her book and herself. In fact, her last Instagram post boasted about her new book as a “National Bestseller.”

Despite Britney’s slander, Jamie Lynn Spears has not yet responded to TNZT News’ request for comment. While it is difficult to know if she has a motive for wanting Jamie Lynn to take a lie detector test, she has never denied the book’s success. She did however, say that she would “take a lie detector test if she feels that it’s necessary.”

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According to the latest rumor, Britney Spears wants Jamie Lynn Spears’s book to be taken out of context. The author, Jamie Lynn Spears, claimed that she had a relationship with the pop star and that she had affairs with Britney. The book is now a National Best Seller. It was praised by critics and fans alike, and Jamie Lynn Spears has since responded to the rumor.

It’s not clear why Britney Spears has asked Jamie Lynn Spears to take a lie detector test. Her book allegedly includes false claims about the pop star. Earlier, Spears had published a book with false claims about her former partner. This book has since been pulled from the shelves. It is no longer available, however. The two stars have both sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn Spears.

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After publishing her memoir Things I Should Have Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears has been accused of mishandling Britney and using her book to promote herself. While Jamie Lynn Spears insists that she didn’t do anything wrong, she’s adamantly denying the allegations and demanding that she take the test. It is believed that Britney and her sister have a history of verbal abuse and a violent relationship.