After teasing fans for years, Ed Sheeran has confirmed his upcoming collaboration with Taylor Swift. The singer and the pop star have been working together since 2012, when Sheeran opened for Swift on her Red Tour. The pair has already teamed up on two tracks – “Hello” and “Shake It Off.” But it is still unclear if the duo will do a full-fledged remix.

Fans are convinced that the two singers are collaborating on an upcoming duet. The two have collaborated on a number of songs, and both have hinted that the two may team up again on a song. The pair recently appeared on the greenroom of the Saturday Night Live studio and performed a duet of “The Joker and The Queen.” Although the song has not been released yet, it is expected to drop in 2022.

While the news about the new album is exciting, there is also plenty of speculation surrounding the relationship between Swift and Sheeran. The singer recently shared an Instagram photo of a new CD with the actress Taylor Swift. In the photo, Sheeran and Swift resembled a deck of cards. The ace and king are both sexy, and the queen has a queen-like appearance. She also added a caption saying “Keep an eye out.”

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The two singers have previously teased “The Joker And The Queen” on social media. After the release of the album, Sheeran shared a clip of the song on Twitter. Run is the first track the two teamed up on. The other two songs, Everything Has Changed and Run, were released with the previous Red album. The duo recorded the songs again for the version with Taylor.

There are many rumors about a potential collaboration between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The British singer was coy about the rumours about the upcoming album, but the news about a Taylor Swift-Ed Sheeran re-recording are the most popular among his fans. The album has sold nearly five million copies in the US. It is the fifth song to achieve triple platinum in the 21st century.

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The news that Taylor Swift will be re-recording her song, “X,” has been met with mixed reactions. The former’s relationship with the pop singer is more than just a friendship. The singer have been spotted hanging out for years. A recent photo of the two was shared on YouTube, and the song was later released.