The 48-year-old supermodel had been working with Snoop Dogg for years, but was nervous that he wouldn’t approve of her new song. She contacted Rod through her daughter Kimberly, who had a connection to Stewart. The two then sent the song to each other, and Stewart approved the track – but his reply ended up in Heidi’s spam folder. The two worked together on the track, and it was later re-released as “Chai Tea With Heidi.”

Eventually, the two reunited and Heidi Klum lent her vocals to the song. Seal wrote the song, which was meant to celebrate the couple’s wedding in 2005. They divorced in 2014. But there was nothing that stopped Heidi from using her vocals on the song, which features the classic Rod Stewart tune. It was her last release of music, and she hoped Rod would let her use the sample.

Apparently, she was worried that Rod Stewart wouldn’t let her use the sample in Snoop Dog, because it would make her sound like a fake. Luckily, the two did work together on the song. And if Rod Stewart had allowed it, Heidi wouldn’t have been as nervous! However, her worry was realized when she didn’t hear from Seal.

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When she heard that Seal didn’t approve the sample, she immediately worried that she would never hear from him again. Luckily, she didn’t. But the anxiety increased when she didn’t hear from him. She later learned that she could use the sample in Snoop Dog, so she agreed to do it. But she feared that the song would get rejected by Seal.

After hearing that the sample was rejected, she began to worry that she would not hear from Seal in time to use it. When she finally did, she called Rod Stewart’s manager and got permission to use the sample in the Snoop Dog song. While she feared that Rod wouldn’t give her permission to use the sample in Snoop Dog, he was happy to oblige.

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The song’s title is a sample of a song by Rod Stewart, which she lent to her ex-husband when she was still married. But, it’s not clear whether she actually got the permission from him. After all, the singer did not allow her to use the sample, but she was still a big fan of Snoop Dog’s new song.