Protests by musicians are spreading across the internet, and renowned rock guitarist Nils Lofgren has joined the ranks. The member of the E Street Band is one of the most popular members of the protest. This year, he vowed to pull his songs off the streaming service, joining artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell in pulling their music from Spotify. The move has prompted a rethink of Spotify’s business model, which pays artists just a penny per stream.

The controversy stems from two recent news stories about the COVID-19 outbreak. First, the singer claimed that the company is spreading false information about vaccinations. Then, he demanded that Spotify remove his music from the service. Meanwhile, the podcast hosted by Rogan was removed. In the end, Spotify reached a deal to pay him $100 million in 2020 for the exclusive rights to air his program. This is a huge blow for young people who grew up with false information about vaccines. In response to the protest, the streaming service has agreed to take out Neil Young’s entire catalog.

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The news comes amid a range of protests by musicians and health experts in the wake of the COVID-19 misinformation by Joe Rogan. While a popular podcast called “The Joe Rogan Show” was paused by the creator of that program, it has been suspended, with the producer saying he’ll “explain” the situation to Spotify.

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The musicians have a broader political agenda. The activists cited the death of a high-school student, a fake vaccine, and the ineffectiveness of the CoviD-19 vaccine. The band’s music and podcast is allegedly being used by an ad platform for promoting the fake news about vaccines. The musician’s protests against Spotify are the result of the misinformation and deception of Joe Rogan, a podcast host.