Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinians and Wound Eight in Jerusalem Attack

Israeli troops killed three Palestinian militants and wounded dozens in a shootout in Nablus a week ago, and this week’s shootings in Jerusalem come on the heels of Gaza hostilities. The Jerusalem attacks come a week after a three-day clash between Israeli forces and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. While it remains unclear what prompted the gunman to act, Israel’s security forces have launched several major offensives, including a deadly crackdown on terrorism.

Gaza hostilities left dozens of Palestinians dead

Since the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on July 8, a number of casualties have been reported in Gaza, including dozens of Palestinians. According to the UN’s official death toll, dozens of Palestinians were killed, including several children. Israeli airstrikes also destroyed apartment buildings, sports fields, kindergartens, and electricity substations. In addition to the victims, the fighting has damaged Islamic Jihad, the second largest Palestinian militia in Gaza. The group has lost two key leaders and several bases and weapons factories.

Since the fighting began, Oksana al-Astal has barely slept, despite her constant phone calls. Her parents live in Ukraine and have no influence over the Gaza Strip. In 2008, she moved to Gaza and has lived through four wars with Israel. Israel claims the airstrikes were targeted at military targets. Still, Palestinians say the violence is targeting their way of life. And while Israel denies involvement in the fighting, Palestinians are calling for international support.

Israeli troops killed three Palestinian militants and wounded dozens in shootout in Nablus

In a recent shooting incident in the West Bank city of Nablus, Israeli forces killed three Palestinian militants and wounded dozens more. The victims of the shootout include a senior militant commander, Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, and a member of a smaller armed group. At least six other Palestinians were also killed, and authorities are investigating five deaths.

In another incident, an Islamic Jihad member was shot dead while he helped a woman board a public bus. The attack was a retaliation for Israeli aggression in Gaza. An Israeli embassy spokesperson declined to provide further details on the incident. Earlier, an Israeli prime minister said that a strike on Gaza targeted the entire senior military command of the Islamic Jihad, which had been attacking the Israeli-occupied territory.

Jerusalem shootings come a week after end of three-day conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

The shootings in Jerusalem have left several people injured, including an American family waiting for a taxi. A member of the Islamic Jihad group has called the attack “a reaction to the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.” The shootings are also a harrowing reminder of Israel’s commitment to the security of the Jewish state. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has called for “vigilant security operations” in the region.

Last Sunday, Israeli airstrikes prevented a Gaza attack and the two sides signed a cease-fire. This pact ended the three-day conflict, which left dozens of Palestinians dead and paralyzed parts of southern Israel. It also brought a sense of calm to the region, after days of unrest and violence. A week after the cease-fire, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israeli security forces have stepped up their operations in the occupied West Bank.

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