The POLITICO Playbook: Joe Biden's Second-Year Slump

POLITICO Playbook Bidens sophomore slump

If Joe Biden has a plan for 2020, he has some friends in the West Wing who know a thing or two about how the White House operates. They’ve compiled a Playbook for the Biden administration, and it’s filled with inside information that will help voters make their choices. Former vice president Joe has many advantages over other candidates, such as a network of influential contacts and a team of advisers with relevant experience. However, his biggest disadvantage is the fact that people will dig through his archival files and discover everything about him. On January 20, 2022, Freedom of Information Act requests started pouring into the Obama Library, so that’s the worst day for Biden.

While Bidens campaign staff has worked together to address the shortcomings of the campaign, his performance has fallen flat since. His partisan vote to confirm the Supreme Court justice is hardly shocking, but it’s a reminder that the president can’t conjure up bipartisanship. He promised this as a candidate, but he’s not Green Lantern. Without Zap, the Playbook wouldn’t exist.

Despite his second-year slump, the vice president’s Senate confirmation hearings were a success, thanks to the new members of the Foreign Relations Committee. As a result, the Democrats’ votes are now a majority, and the Democratic Party has a good chance of electing a bipartisan president. The Senate Rules Committee, on the other hand, will hold a hearing on the resolution to find Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress.

Despite his emergence as a Democrat in the first half of the campaign, Bidens second-year flop has been a huge disappointment. The Democratic candidate had promised a progressive agenda and was eager to woo the electorate. In Year two, Biden has moved back to the center after talking about progressive priorities. In fact, it seems the opposite is true. The president’s sway is overshadowed by the ‘Afghanistan’ scandal, which sucked the election in favor of DONALD TRUMP.

After a successful first term, Biden has lost the last two months. The Democratic Party needs to change this and a new leader is needed. This is not a time to make excuses for a Biden flop. A good way to do this is by appointing a Democrat to a key position in the White House. The VP’s popularity will depend on a person’s political background and experiences.

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The White House needs a plan for Biden’s reelection. There are three main candidates in the race for the White House. The first one is Vice President Joseph Biden. The other is the progressive challenger in the 2022 primaries. The progressives are targeting the establishment Democrats. The challengers have split the Democratic Party to woo the left, but most of these candidates never get off the ground.