Gayle leads the charts race thanks to her viral hit song “abcdefu,” though Adele’s current top spot “Easy On Me” is just behind.

Gayle will be expected to go to be the No. 1 in the U.K.

The 17-year-old songwriter and singer leads the race to the top spot with her viral hit song “abcdefu,” though Adele‘s current top song “Easy On Me” is just behind.

“Abcdefu” has the advantage in”Abcdefu” is a top contender on the First Look chart, which is a list of the most-loved music within the U.K. Based on streams and sales counted over the first 48 hours of the cycle.

At this point the song is too close to be able to say. A mere 1,000 chart sales divided “Abcdefu” and “Easy On Me,” which is currently on a seven-week stretch at the top of the charts at. 1 on the charts, which is the longest streak for any Adele track.

In the song “Abcdefu,” the Texas teenager topped the Billboard Emerging Artists list. Then in December, he was awarded an number. 52 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. The single reached up to No. 15, on the U.S. chart.

In the meantime, Lauren Spencer-Smith, a teen, is set to make the U.K. Top 40 debut with “Fingers Crossed,” which increases by 90-3 in the blast of charts.

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It’s no surprise that the American Idol alum has an internet sensation in her hand in the form of “Fingers Crossed,” a breakup song that’s also been caught on flames on TikTok.

After The Weeknd‘s release of the latest album Dawn FM, The Weeknd is among the top two songs on the chart blast which is led by “Sacrifice,” new at No. 6. Additionally is The Canadian R&B singer’s album’s lead song “Take My Breath” is set to make the Top 10 appearance, at 7th position. 7. Swedish House Mafia collaboration “How Do I Make You Love Me? Could” could begin at no. 15.

The Official U.K. Singles Chart is released on Friday night in local time.