The Weeknd says it doesn’t matter whether physical copies of his new album Dawn FM are available during the week of its release. The new album will be available on CD, vinyl, and cassette, and the official Weeknd online store will offer them tomorrow. As a special treat, the artist will perform “From Somewhere in Los Angeles” live on the radio on January 28.

The Weeknd has also shared the cover art of his new album Dawn FM. In it, the pop star is shown as a gray-haired, old man with gray hair. The album also features collaborations with Jim Carrey, Lil Wayne, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Tyler, the Creator. Though the album is only available for digital downloads, the album will include 16 tracks.

Earlier this year, The Weeknd shared the cover art for his upcoming album Dawn FM. The album features Jim Carrey, Tyler, The Creator, and Oneohtrix Point Never. The Weeknd also shared a trailer for his concert tour. He explained the concept of the album, saying that it was “a good way to spread the word about my new music.”

Although there are no physical copies of Dawn FM during the first week of release, the album is available for downloads. This means that Dawn FM will not compete with Gunna’s Drip Season 4, which will make it impossible for it to break out on its release week. The Weeknd has also stated that he isn’t concerned with making physical copies of Dawn FM during the first week after the album releases, as it will be a free download.

Besides the release date, the Weeknd has continued to tease fans. He recently revealed the track list for the upcoming album in a short teaser video. The track list did not reveal any guests, but it did give clues about the album’s guests. The teaser video featured Lil Wayne, Jim Carrey, and Quincy Jones.

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The Weeknd has released two singles from his upcoming album: ‘After Hours’ and ‘103.5 Dawn FM’. While both albums will be available via streaming, they will not be available in the physical format. Instead, the album will only be available in digital format. However, fans can still purchase the LP on CD in stores and online.

Having the physical album for the album may not be necessary for fans. It would not only mean that the songs on the album are better than those on the previous EPs, but it might also mean that the album is the one of the most successful albums of the year. The Weeknd’s album was a major hit for many fans, and he remained on top for some time afterward.