“It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things,” Lovato wrote in a post that introduced the latest body art.

Demi Lovato is revealing the latest eight-legged ink.

The singer of 29 years old who just introduced a sexy new buzzcut posted an image on  Instagram Stories this past Saturday (Jan. 8.) to showcase an impressive Black spider tattoo that was placed on their head.

“It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things,” Lovato wrote in a blog post introducing the body art she is creating. “She gave us instruction in weaving and pottery. Then she taught us all about fire, darkness and light. She showed us that we’re connected through the internet every one of us having a place in the world.”

This tattoo rests on top of the “Skyscraper” singer’s ear, was drawn by famous tattooist Dr. Woo who also posted pictures of the color the tattoo on the Instagram Stories.

Alongside the new style of body, Lovato also entered 2022 with new hairstyles. new haircut. Then, on Christmas Day, the artist showcased their newly shaving their head in a video that was recorded using FaceTime taken by the photographer Angelo Kritikos.

The pop star spoke about their constantly changing hairstyles in a feature in Glamour in which she explained that they’re making an attempt to get out of the “heteronormative box” they’ve been stuck in for years.

It was a busy year for Lovato and they dropped their 7th album Dancing With the Devil… the Art of Beginning over. The album was then followed by a four-part YouTube Originals docuseries of the same date. The singer announced in the past the year they identify as non-binary and changed their pronouns to they/them.