A person who was found guilty of murder got a simple final meal prior to becoming the oldest person ever to execute in US history.

Bigler Stouffer, 79, did not ask for a last meal but was offered the chicken burger and 2 slices of bread Chips as well as broccoli, mixed fruits two biscuitsand a fruit beverage and a bottle of water.

The meal was served on Wednesday night the night prior to the execution.

Stouffler was executed on Thursday with a lethal injection despite his pleas for his mercy over worries about Oklahoma’s recent botched executions.

The murderer who was convicted in 1985, received the lethal injection at 10 am in McAlester’s State Penitentiary in McAlester. He died just 16 minutes after.

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According to witnesses, Stouffer could be seen laughing and laughing with his spiritual guide before saying his final words.

He added: “My request is that my Father accept their forgiveness. Thank for your forgiveness.”

Stouffer was the only victim of Oklahoma in the years since John Grant convulsed on the gurney, vomiting during his lethal injection on October, when the state lifted an execution moratorium of six years due to concerns over its procedures.

The pensioner was able to maintain his innocence during the attack in 1985 that left school teacher Linda Reaves dead and her boyfriend, Doug Ivens, seriously injured.

At a parole board meeting in the month of March, he stated that Ivens was killed when the pair fought with a weapon at Ivens house, and Reaves was killed. Reaves was dead when he showed up.

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“I am totally innocent of the murder of Linda Reaves and my heart goes out to the family of Linda Reaves that have suffered as a result of her murder,” Stouffer said to the board in a video performance from the prison.

Even though he was shot 3 times by three times with a .38-caliber pistol, including one on the forehead, Ivens survived and testified against Stouffer