A man from New York was arrested in connection with the murder conviction of his partner who was 31 years old Mindy Singer. She was killed by a knife that measured 46 inches.

The incident took place at around 1.20 p.m. the previous Tuesday, at the residence of the suspect located in Queens, New York. NYPD were notified the report of an attempted robbery in the home

The suspect, 37-year-old Peter Ikonomou dialed 911, the police arrived at the fourth floor apartment and discovered Singer inside , suffering from numerous stabbing wounds. Singer died by EMS on the spot.

Police also discovered an uncut sword of 46 inches that was still hanging from Singer’s buttock. After questioning Ikonomou they determined that his account of the robbery to be untrue and placed him in custody. Ikonomou was believed to have been drug-addict during the incident.

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According to policereports, Singer Ikonomou and Ikonomou were involved in a relationship and resided about two miles from each the other.

Ikonomou currently faces charges in connection with the murder of his lover including assault, murder manslaughter, as well as the criminal possession of a weapon.

Although the motive not yet clear, police stated that they believe the two were in a heated argument