In 2014 the Christmas season for couple from Belize, Central America, ended in tragedy. In December, Tim McNamara was found dead in the backyard of his home because of a gunshot wound. However, the circumstances of the death of Tim McNamara remain unanswered by many. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Forbidden Dying to Love: Fruit of the Family Tree examines the circumstances surrounding Tim’s death as well as the tale of the way Tim met his wife whom he also called his niece. If you’re curious about what transpired in this case We’ve got the answer.

How Did Tim McNamara Die?

Timothy Patrick McNamara was born in December 1948 in Soap Lake, Washington. He was a member of the famous and wealthy McNamara family. Tim was the caretaker of the apple orchard at Soap Lake before moving to Belize and was married to Tracy Nessl. The trice-divorced 66-year old felt as if the love of his life was found. But it was his brother’s daughter. the relationship was widely criticized in his local community.

The couple moved to Belize in the beginning of 2013 to establish an Bed and Breakfast on a farm there. On Christmas night the year 2014 Tim was out in the back with his gun to see what was going on with the dogs that were barking. A few minutes later, Tracy claimed that a shot went off. She claimed that she found Tim sitting on the floor with his face up, and a an injury on the side of his skull. Tracy reached out to a neighbour for help, and authorities showed up later. While Tim’s death was thought to be as suicide at first, subsequent investigation revealed that it was actually murder.

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Who Killed Tim McNamara?

Tracy was just 22 years older then Tim McNamara. When she first met him, at the end of July in 2012 Tim had just completed his divorce. Tracy was living within North Carolina. According to the show, she was the mother of three children from her previous marriage, and a daughter with her partner at the time. Tracy was the illegitimate child of Tim’s brother. Tracy was disapproved of by her father and her family, the McNamaras.

After their first encounter they became closer and eventually began an affair. The family, unsurprisingly did not approve. Tracy later said, “I didn’t know him (Tim) as an uncle. I didn’t know the McNamaras as well. It was him that I loved so much. Our hearts were connected.” They relocated to Belize to escape the constant scrutiny. They bought a farm for the Bed and Breakfast and eventually got married. But, the process took longer than they anticipated and the couple started to have financial difficulties.

Tracy claimed that she was cooking at the time Tim left with his gun to deter wild animals. However, he did not come back. Instead Tracy was able to hear an eerie shot. Following Tim’s murder, the police from Belize began to investigate Tracy and inquired about the incident. Tracy also stated that the officer investigating demanded the cash Tim was alleged to have obtained from him. According Tracy, the officer asked for the money. According to Tracy the officer said, “It’s just not looking good for you anymore; it’s just not looking good.” In May 2015, a warrant to murder was issued for Tracy’s name from Belizean authorities.

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Where is Tracy Nessl Now?

Following Tim’s death, Tracy moved back to the farm at Soap Lake. In September of 2015 Tim’s children brought wrongful death lawsuits against Tracy. They claimed that she had financially took advantage of Tim and then hit him with a gun. The time was when Tim’s assets were in Tracy’s name. She was also the owner of Tim’s life insurance policy as well. Caleb Tim’s son stated, “You don’t shoot yourself in the back of your head. It’s almost impossible.”

Tracy’s lawyer argued that Tim McNamara had depression. He also claimed that the report from the forensic team of Tim’s death was rife with mistakes and contradictions about the bullet trajectory and other issues.

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According to what we have seen, Tracy still lives in Soap Lake. She was in 2016 when she spoke about her farm “I have a promise to fulfill to Mac (Tim )…to keep it running, to keep it going, to not ever sell it.”