It’s always thrilling when something that may be paranormal gets captured on camera. This is the kind of mystery which draws everyone together to determine what is the cause of the incident.

A new debate can start, as an CCTV camera captured what was believed as the appearance of a “ghost.” In particular the case of this ghost, it appears to have reportedly pushed over an empty glass of alcohol in the typical English pub.

The video shows a guy who appears in a relaxed position at the bar of the pub and talking to the staff. He is holding a glass beer by his side. Everything appears normal until the glass starts to abruptly move just a few inches over the bar. The motion doesn’t stop it gets to the point where the glass completely collapses. It is clear in the footage that the spill of beer out and everyone seems to be stunned by the shocking event.

Darla Anderson, who runs the pub, and can be seen in the video believes that something supernatural has caused the beer to spill. Darla Anderson said this while she was speaking

“I remember that I was gazing at the pint and then it dropped, there were just three or four people inside the bar at that time , therefore there’s no way anyone could have knocked it down.

“I just can’t find any reasonable explanation as to why it happened, all our customers cannot believe it.”

She even mentioned she had a previous proprietor had contacted her to inform her that they too had were experiencing bizarre things.

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“After watching the video the previous landlady contacted me to get in contact with me to inform me that she had always told me there was a ghost in the bar because the empty glasses of pints would disappear from the bar, however she did not have CCTV to record it.

“I’m just so glad that we have the CCTV as I don’t think anyone would have actually believed me if I told them what happened.”