John Mayer has recorded his own version of the viral TikTok track that mocks his music.

The singer reacted to the post by the social network user Vincent Haney, who has the TikTok username @johnmayerlover3000 which he satirized Mayer’s music.

In his vehicle, Haney said: “Dudes who listen to John Mayer be like …” before turning on his car’s radio while singing John song that is Mayer-inspired. song.

The parody’s lyrics were: “Hanging out in your house with you, give me another chance to prove, hot dogs are my favourite food.”

The following Wednesday (30 November), Mayer, who has 1.4 million followers on TikTok and has shared his personal response to the clip.

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He could be in a studio performing his own rendition of Vincent’s tune, which has the lyrics added: “They really get me in the mood.”

“Didn’t get it until I watched the original video then I LOST IT,” one of the fans wrote.

“Obsessed  the fact that you saw this, went to the studio, recorded it, and probably spent a good amount of time mixing it,” another commenter said.

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