A TikToker was a participant and pretends to be part of the family following the incident when an unintentionally added phone number added to a group family chat.

Rebecca Mactaggart, also known as rjmactaggart on TikTok posted a video about her reaction to a text message from a group which was sent accidentally to her. It has been viewed by almost 4 million viewers.

The caption on the video stated, “When you get added to a random [family’s] group text and want to spice things up.”

Prior to Mactaggart’s message that says: “So thankful for everyone, the kids are looking terrific,” there are some texts from family members, wishing one another a Happy Thanksgiving.

The TikToker kept up the ruse and even revealed the woman was pregnant with a baby.

She sent a text message to the other participants of the chat group, “A little bundle of joy will be coming your way in June 2022,” and included a picture that showed an ultrasound. “As as a result my decision, I will now be taking care of Brinleigh as an individual parent. This was a difficult choice to make, but we’ve concluded that it’s the best choice for Brinleigh’s baby.” “

She said in her next video that she had received several conversations from the chat around an hour after she sent her text message, informing her that they didn’t save her phone number. One person, however, wished her luck in their “pregnancy.”

A person from the chat’s family later called and left a voicemail message for Mactaggart.

“Hello, this is Joanna, and I am truly sorry,” reads the message. “I have no idea who this individual is.” I’ve realized that you’re not within the family, after reading the message.”

Mactaggart was sent a text in the group chat with someone who claimed their daughter had just looked at and comment in the site’s TikTok on her third post.

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“She wants to do a duet with the rest of the conversation,” the speaker says. the speaker. The message read, “So funny!” “I hope all is well with you.” Thank for sharing with me your luck. “That’s funny.”

She stated that she didn’t expect to have a child, and also revealed she had met her daughter while they were performing in a performance together that added a fascinating twist to the tale.