Model of Cyber Boy Corp.

Today you will meet the multi-talented, the inspiration for masses, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs currently in Beverly Hills, Ca, Sr.Roy Andrade. He is the mastermind behind today’s most advanced conglomerate, Cyber Boy Corp. He founded Cyber Boy Corp. a company that started off as an executive protection agency catering to the world’s elite businessmen and women thus becoming a  conglomerate in 2021 headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

His company is recognized worldwide for his business acumen. Cyber Boy Corp. has a book publishing department, artists and repertoire department, sports nutrition supplements department, clothing department, video game department, and the list goes on and on regarding his holdings portfolio. His goal has always been to provide better products and services for consumers.

With his endless efforts and business skills, Sr. Roy Andrade achieved so much within a short period. The year 2020 proved to be very crucial for the success of his company, Cyber Boy Corp. since Sr. Roy Andrade reinvested into the company and it became one of his most profitable achievements. Although the world was in crisis due to the pandemic and many businesses were shut down, it was Sr. Roy’s 24/7 work schedule, dedication, and commitment to his company that made him and his company what they are today. The company remained open throughout the pandemic situation, earned profits, and transformed into something budding entrepreneurs can only look up to for inspiration.

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Not only did Sr. Roy Andrade help Cyber Boy Corp.’s employees work as a team to resch new levels, but he also kept in mind that the end goal is to remain solvent and provide top-of-the-line products amd services. He is working diligently, often times sleeping only once per week, so he can oversee the manufacturing and distribution of his nutrition products. Moreover, the company takes a step further by introducing Royal-X, 3D chess game, as a part of venture into the gaming industry. The company currently employees 20 software engineers that are working on various digital projects. The video game department at Cyber Boy Corp. is rumored to have Royal-X released in 2022. Cyber Boy Corp. is also expected to come up with several mobile applications.

The show is not over yet. There is more to his story. Sr. Roy Andrade is also an author. The title of the book is Scattered and Abrasive and currently available at all major book retail giants like Barnes and Noble and The book was published under the CyberBoy imprint and basically four days of his personal diary. The literary artwork highlights the hardships and challenges Sr. Roy Andrade faced in 2020. It will be a source of inspiration for his fans letting them know about how much he struggled to be a successful business leader and most importantly an intelligent investor. It will show the world that there are days of hard work and consistency behind his success story.

According to a Cyber Boy Corp. spokeswoman, the Company opened an institutional division and created three jobs for employees to buy digital assets. The conglomerate made its first transaction by purchasing digital currency on November 17, 2021 at 4:58AM. She would not disclose exactly which cryptocurrencies they are buying, but, one thing is certain, Cyber Boy Corp. has hired a technology analyst and are interested in competing with mainstream financial institutions for blockchain technology.

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The multi faceted entrepreneur, Sr.Roy Andrade has also been nominated by Dr. Rick Schultz of the University of Phoenix on The National Society of Leadership And Success for his academic achievements. With his devotion towards his work, he has been an example for his fans who admire him and are eagerly waiting for his book.  You can contact him and his associates @cyberboycorp on Instagram.