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We coffee lovers cannot get enough of coffee taste. Beginning the day with a cup of coffee is one of the things which make it perfect. However, like any other food item, we coffee lovers sometimes desire some new flavors or new taste beans. To fulfill this utter desire of coffee lovers, the famous coffee brand owner of 787 Coffee Brandon Ivan Pena introduced marvelous tastes of his own coffee. The likings of his coffee were enhanced in a very short time which led him to build coffee shop number 14 and other more to come.

Introduction of Brandon Ivan Pena

Latin businessman Brandon Ivan Pena was born in El Paso, Texas. He is one of the top names in the markets of entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and business consultants. Brandon was a hard working and determined guy from the beginning and knew there is no shortcut to become successful. So believing in his strength and vigor, he grabbed every opportunity to become a solid businessman of the industry. Today he has more than 10 fine coffee shops all over New York City and soon coming to Manhattan and other surroundings.     

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Brandon Pena and Business World

We all know that the business world is the strongest work field and everyone of us wishes to gain enough resources to step into this world. However it is the toughest work area which demands every second and every ounce of time and energy of yours. At the end it’s all about how hard you can take.

When you have the potential of determination and push your boundaries, you want to do something challenging. This is the case with Brandon Ivan Pena. He knew it was gonna be hard and no one to guide him. Yet Brandon Pena set his business objectives by his own perspectives and achieved success.

One of the biggest motivations that led Brandon Pena to carry on this path was his people’s legacy in the business world. If you are familiar enough you will know that there are a few Latin names owning the business market and none at the top. The fervor to wave the flag of his people Brandon Pena made it an ambition to stay on peak in the market.

Let us talk about Brandon Pena’s various works in detail.        

Brandon Pena and Coffee Brand

Brandon Pena has a zeal for coffee as all coffee lovers do. However he wanted to offer a different coffee taste for people like him which have a thing for coffee.

“I became well-established due to my involvement in the coffee industry. A shameless coffee lover myself, I consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. Simply, I want to share the coffee experience with others. Clients and customers deserve to finally learn what properly grown, roasted, and freshly brewed coffee tastes like, instead of relying on those easily purchased instant pouches. Because I wanted the experience to be as authentic and inspiring as possible, I consistently ensured that 787 Coffee would never be grouped along with other such cafes or coffee brands.”

A few years ago, Brandon Pena introduced his first and unique coffee taste through the name 787 Coffee in the famous city New York which whoever savors, becomes a fan. According to a survey, people are admiring it because of its exceptional delight and super gusto. When Brandon saw that his brand was getting recognized enough and creating a high demand, he opened over 8 coffee shops in New York City.   

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Soon Brandon Pena not only limited his coffee brand to 787 Coffee but launched many other projects. His projects like BrandOn and Hacienda Iluminada are equally successful and helped him earn a good name.

The process by which Brandon Pena made his coffee      

Brandon Pena systemizes a detailed and testifying process to create the desirable and delicious beans of coffee. He bought the farms of Puerto Rico to grow the beans. He has some expert team working there to closely observe the process. Brandon supervises all the process by himself. He shared the experience at farms in the following words:

“I lead 787 Coffee, from farm to cup coffee experience.  At 787 Coffee we love creating memories so we focus on human interactions.  We own a coffee farm in Puerto Rico, in the farm we grow, process and roast our own coffee beans, making them the freshest cup. I manage a team in Maricao and San Juan Puerto Rico, with three coffee shops ready to be opened and a coffee farm in full production and expanding. 5 open coffee shops in New York city and two more under construction”. 

Brandon Pena as Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Besides running a flourishing coffee brand, Brandon has dedicated his time and energy for the business consulting for beginners and motivational conferences for youth. Brandon presents a lot of workshops for young and start ups entrepreneurs through his well known company BrandOn. Having huge and triumphant experience in entrepreneurship, Brandon Pena is appreciative and aiding the young ones on how to confidently resolve every issue regarding the business world. He has participated in many popular workshops such as SXSW, Design Shanghai, C2MTL, Latinos Pa Lante and Social Media Week Puerto Rico.         


In all the workshops, he pushes his candidates to work hard like he did and stay determined on the goals which they once set.

“I find human connections fascinating.  When it comes to consulting and my Motivational conferences it always seemed natural, I love the feeling I get of sharing the things I learn with others. I also love doing it in Spanish, targeting young entrepreneurs in Latin America that speak no or limited English.  I want to be there for them, I want to tell them to focus on their objectives and through hard work, discipline and by following YOUR passion, AMAZING things happen, regardless of skin color”.

Brandon Pena Photoshoot

Five Tips from Brandon Ivan Pena

Brandon Pena’s five tips for success roam all over the internet which he offered for anyone who wants to become successful in his business. What words could be more effective which are from one who has a great experience and is unbeaten in his field.  

  • Passionate

Brandon Ivan Pena’s first tip to become successful is to be passionate and thriving for your goals. According to Brandon it is the only thing that will keep you going on even in hard times. If you are not satisfied with their goals and confused about them, you will never be successful.

  • Discipline

Everything works out if you strictly follow the discipline. Even though Brandon Pena is young yet he follows the discipline rules and suggests everyone to be. Be professional and not childish. There will come many times when you will face speed and some complications on some events. In such occasions, discipline is something that will let you stay in order and resolve your issues.

  • Valuable Connection

First strategy Brandon Pena did coming to this industry was making good connections with people and the secret of it is to be good with every person you meet. Not only the upper men of the industry but to your colleagues, your team which is working under you, to your clients and every other person who works for you even if he is a driver. Brandon has made many huge connections till now and that’s why being recognized with honor among high names of the industry.      

  • Staying True to Yourself

This tip is useful for every person of every field. The thing is staying true to yourself gives you a lot of confidence and gives you a distinctive personality. This can help you shine in one’s mind.

  • Grateful  

According to Brandon Ivan Pena, one should be grateful for all the things he has in his life. One should live happily and if they want something should not cry but try. Staying happy makes you calm and a calm mind can focus more than ever. Only then a person can achieve what he wishes to achieve.   

Future Plans of Brandon Ivan Pena

After winning the hearts of coffee lovers of New York City, Brandon is gonna open his next coffee shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He is as usual working hard to construct his number 14th coffee shop. News is he will open 3 more shops in the next 5 weeks.

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Brandon Ivan Pena is a versatile personality possessing the traits of Entrepreneur, Business speaker, Business consultant and coffee lover. He has converted his passion into action and not only words. He has shown to the world that Latin people are not less than any other nation. He has proved that the wealthy can also be decent, humble and sincere. Moreover the professionalism he has towards his work is amazing. We wish he takes his brand to all over the world so everyone can enjoy his delicious coffee.