4 Nft Images of Legends of Shangu NFT collection

Legends of Shangu is the NFT collection inspired by the 12 legendary Animals that protect the valley of Shangu on Chinese New Year. The world-famous cartoonist David Huynh has drawn these NFTs with his hands. The project team wanted the users to own not just NFTs but a slice of culture with futuristic utility. The structure of the project offers special perks to the holders.


NFT realm has seen exceptional growth over the last year. Most of the projects in NFT space are just scratches on the surface of the expanding universe. This large-scale expansion has forced big institutions like Instagram and VISA to explore the industry. As the industry has started growing, many fake NFT stores and fraudulent schemes came on the scene. Legends of Shangu are here to stop this chaos and unrest in the NFT universe.

Setting the new Standards –Introducing Legends of Shangu

China is the land of myths and legends. The Legends of Shangu are originated from an ancient tale of the jade Emperor. Jade Emperor sent the immortal being to earth to build an army of beasts to protect the heavenly gate from an evil creature Nian. Just like this, the Legends of Shangu came into existence to fight evil. These legends fought Nian and restored the peace in Shangu valley.


Inspired by this legend and to revive the soul of the NFT market, the team has created a novel project. Artwork is the collection of 12 legendary animals that protect the Shangu valley on Chinese New Year. These randomly generated NFTs from 277 traits are hand-drawn by the world-famous cartoonist David Huynh. Each Individual from Shangu valley’s legends has a total of 7,777 collectibles. The awakening of the legends is near, get ready!

What’s new?

A community-centered project which is providing complete transparency and high security to the users. Owning a Legend is more than just owning an NFT. It’s about owning a slice of culture with unparalleled futuristic utility, a roadmap that continually rewards its holders, and a marketing plan created by some of the best experts and marketers in the digital space. Let’s look at the roadmap of the project to know it better.

• Stage 1: 

The project will kick-start with the news that Shangu’s Valley Legends have awakened to conquer the world of Metaverse. An investment fund has been created to finance the growth of our community, marketing development, community wallet, designs, and creations.

• Stage 2: 

The awakening sale will launch the first Legend in the Metaverse space. People with existing work from David Huynh will be able to participate in the awakening sale of the first Legend.

• Stage 3: 

Legends of Shangu breaks the news! We have launched our legendary marketing campaign and have partnered with some of the biggest names in the world to further advance our marketing and community.

• Stage 4: 

For the creation of Legends Club, a digital real estate plot will be acquired in the Sandbox. The collection of Shangu will also get verification on Opensea. 

• Stage 5: 

A play-to-earn game of Legends will be developed. In this game, the NFTs owner will have the option to stake these NFTs.

• Stage 6: 

Start of 2nd project with David Huynh.


The project lead has already started working to bring cultural icons like Drake, Chriss Brown, Kylie Jenner, Leonardo Dicaprio, and many more to the Legends of Shangu. These Icons will be reimagined and available for redemption. The holders of Legends’ NFTs will be able to enjoy the merch line of Legends exclusively. A virtual Legends Club will be established for holders to interact with entrepreneurs and icons.


As transparency is the priority of the project team, a community vote will decide how the funds in the Community wallet will be spent. A special offer is that if you buy 3 legends NFTs from this collection then you will be able to receive 1 free collection from the next collection. An NFT game on the Play-to-Earn model will be built in which holders will earn the LOS token.


The team has designed a novel giveaway roadmap in which a lot of perks are being offered to the users. At 10% SOLD, Legends NFT 10/10 collection promo dollar will be given to a winner. On 30% SOLD, 20 collectors in the community will receive a free NFT of Legends. As we move forward, the rewards are also more appealing. At 50% SOLD, $10k in Ethereum will be airdropped to 10 people which have minted.


If the sale reaches 70% then 5 people will be airdropped with the legends NFT. 20 people will get $20k in Ethereum with 90% of the collection is sold out. A legends part will also be arranged in all the major cities where the team of this project resides.


This initiative enables a seamless and dedicated acceleration platform for the people inspired by these legends. As an incentive of being part of the governance token structure, community members can gain exclusive early access to new project launches, just as similar to the upcoming launch of Legends of Shangu.