Coach JV, John Vasquez, is taking the internet by storm

Coach JV, John Vasquez, is taking the internet by storm. The former banking executive turned entrepreneur has been sharing his knowledge in the form of videos posted to social media. As a result, Coach JV has amassed a following of more than 1 million people online.

However, things were not always so great for Coach JV. At one point, many years ago, he was a chronic drug addict who was battling severe depression. Things were so bad for Coach JV, that he tried to take his own life. He explained to us how it felt to be at rock bottom ‘’I was in a victim state of mind. I felt as though everything was happening against me, versus everything happening for me. I was living in a state of fear, anxiety, stress and hopelessness every day. At that time, I was chasing material happiness and I didn’t realize I had everything I already needed inside – love. When I woke up from my suicide attempt, I had an awakening and I reinvented myself. The old me John Vasquez was dead, Coach JV was born’’. 

How do you find your way out of rock bottom?  

Here is Coach JV’s guide:

  1. Thoughts become things – The first thing you need to understand is that thoughts become things. What you’re dealing with in your physical reality is the constant thought process of the great I am [thoughts] that’s being exposed to you.
  2. Create a north star – Find someone in the physical reality who you want to be like. For example it might be Tony Robbins. Pick your model.
  3. Reverse engineer the patterns – how do these people wake up? How do they talk? How do they walk? Then emulate that. You need to disrupt your current patterns.
  4. Understand and know that resistance is coming – when you go to change, you’re going to have moments where you feel great, the dopamine is hitting and then BOOM, you’ll be hit with resistance and it will feel like a freight train. This helps you to revisit your past-self reminding you who you were, contrast is important, and you need to remember to stay away from your previous patterns because you don’t want to be that old-self anymore, that person is dead.
  5. Forgiveness – if you can’t forgive the old self, you will never move into the new self. If you can’t forgive your old self, it will always exist there. Forgiveness is a daily thing. Bringing up the past is depression, going forward [the future] is anxiety but the present is the present.

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