Little Luna Tavares-Fenner was born with the largest nevus birthmark on her eyelids and nose. It was dark in color and was reminiscent of an Batman mask that covered large areas of her face.

Unnatural birthmark in skin that looked like an Batman mask

A 2-year-old girl with an unnatural birthmark that was visible on her face that was reminiscent of the shape of a Batman mask was able to have it removed during a groundbreaking operation.

A girl aged two who had an unnatural birthmark in her skin that looked like an Batman mask was able to have it removed during a groundbreaking procedure.

Little Luna Tavares-Fenner was born with an enormous nevus birthmark that covered her eyelids and nose and was regularly traveling at home located in Florida to Russia to undergo treatment.

Six operations to remove the nevus

She was receiving photodynamic therapy, which is an option that is not yet accessible to patients in the US.

Doctor Pavel Popov said: “Luna has started talking and she tells herself: “My black spot is gone. It’s a Princess’.”

The procedure took place at the clinic located in Krasnodar which is an Russian city that is close to Ukraine amid tensions between the two nations.

Then there was an uplifting result of that Russian treatments, and medical professionals say has stopped skin cancer in the infant.

“We only had six operations to remove the nevus and have succeeded in making it disappear,” Dr. Popov stated.

“The principal medical aspect of the job is completed. It does not mean we are finished with the treatment.

“We are taking the time to let Luna recover from the treatment she received and we will begin the cosmetic procedures

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Result of the surgery

“Later we aim to make sure Luna will not have any complexes when she comes to the age where she is concerned about her appearance.”

The doctor was not hesitant in stating that the procedure was an “success”.

“I am completely satisfied with the result of the surgery,” he declared.

“Luna is extremely faithful to us. There is often a resentment towards the medical staff.

“Children fear doctors However, Luna has her own dolls at appointments every time she comes and requests me to take care of their faces.

“I put a face-plaster on her face. Luna is delighted to be taken care of.

“I believe that the lack of pain during the treatment is what makes her so committed. I don’t know the length of time that the cosmetic portion of Luna’s treatment will last.

“It depends on too many factors – pandemics, lockdowns, visas.”

He is confident that it will yield great results for Luna.

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Wraps are gone

The girl’s mother told her she was thankful that the treatment did not involve the use of aninvasive or “aggressive” surgery, which would have been the norm in other places.

“Luna is good now,” she told reporters. “Her wraps are gone.”

“We’re planning to travel to celebrate Christmas and return for the final cosmetic procedures in January at the end of the month.

“I do not regret at all getting this treatment. Luna does not feel any discomfort. She is dancing for a couple of hours after procedure.”

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Carolina Carolina, who is a US citizen who is originally from Brazil along with her husband Thiago Tavares, 33 raised over tens of thousands dollars to pay for their daughter’s treatment at Krasnodar and also received the backing by an unknown Russian donor, whom they described as”a “miracle”.