AJ Odudu has paid tribute to rumoured love interest and dance partner Kai Widdrington in a gushing interview.

The TV host, 33, says the “beautiful” professional, 26, will be in her life “forever” when their journey on the BBC1 show comes to an end.

AJ Odudu has paid tribute to rumoured love interest and dance partner Kai Widdrington in a gushing interview

We have best time together, says Strictly’s AJ Odudu

Speaking prior to the semi-final match on Saturday, AJ said: “Kai’s funny and kind. He’s kind and he’s going remain in my life for the rest of my life..

“We are having the best time ever!.

“He’s a man of the family, He tends to his family and friends.

“He’s an gentleman.”. He really really is.

“And I believe that’s the thing that’s attractive about him and also.

“I believe we have the same morals in the same way as I’m talking to my mom prior to the show He’s got his mum along with dad FaceTime as well as his grandad prior even and his brother

“I kind of feel part of his family.

Kai’s certainly made AJ’s trademark smile even wider but as well as a potential romance, the Blackburn-born telly star admits dancing with the hunk has boosted her confidence.

She added: “Sometimes I feel really demure and classic and sometimes I feel really hot and sexy and sometimes I just feel really fun and free.

“It just all depends on the mood of the dance and that’s one of the greatest things I’ve enjoyed.

“I exude so much confidence and each time I finish a performance, I think, ‘Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I just did that. I can’t believe it’s me on that dance floor.’

AJ told Kai he ‘looked so good’

As AJ picked up the paddle, she remarked: “Oh Kai, you look so good!” which made the dancer raise his eyebrows and smile.

The pair then played the game together and got almost every question right and on the one occasion they guessed opposite from one another Kai quickly changed his mind.

As host Rylan Clark told them they didn’t match this time around, AJ turned to tell him: “Are you joking? You are so distracted,” and so Kai quickly turned his paddle around to be the same as hers.

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AJ and Kai’s sizzling chemistry

Although A.J. and Kai declined to confirm if they were together, their sizzling chemistry during impressive performances wowed audiences and judges alike, sparking rumors that they were more than just dance partners and friends.

But the 33-year-old said she hadn’t been flirted with at all since she appeared on Strictly and said her direct messages on Instagram were “dry”.

“I have not received a single direct message from a potential groom, this is not happening,” complained AJ.AJ and Kai’s chemistry amazed viewers

The microphones caught Kai’s declaration of love after they finished dancing as he picked her up and whispered in her ear, “I love you so much.”

A.J. praised the 26-year-old dancer, who, in her words, was “a real gentleman” and will forever remain in her life.

AJ and Kai have refused to confirm if they are dating

“We’re just having a great time. He is a family man, he is the one who takes care of his family, his friends. He is a real gentleman. He’s really, really, “she said, adding that Kai was also” kind, funny and patient. “

AJ said she is calling her mom before the concert on Saturday, as her professional dance partner is calling her parents, grandfather and brother.

“I feel like we share the same ethic … I feel like a part of his family,” she added fondly.

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AJ keeps an eye on the prize

And AJ keeps an eye on the prize as she hopes to make it to the Strictly Come Dancing finals next weekend, performing two dances during a live show on Saturday

And AJ has her eyes on the prize, as she’s hoping to make it through to the Strictly Come Dancing final next weekend, after performing two dances during the live show on Saturday.

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She said it would mean ‘everything’ if they were able to life the glitterball trophy, and she was ‘getting butterflies just thinking about it’