Transhumanists have spent the past 14 years putting more than 50 chips, antennae and magnets in their body to turn into an ’empowered.

Lepht Anonym has carried out these procedures with no anesthetic or warranty of security.

“I’d like to say I did it because I follow a grand tradition of self-experimenters in science, or that it was because practical transhumanism is more than a philosophy to me (it’s my life), but at least partly, I did it for kicks. I just wanted more senses; still do,” Anonym wrote on their blog.

“Lepht Anonym is a faceless, genderless British biohacker. It lacks both gods and money, and likes people, science, and practical transhumanism,” they also wrote.

They’re often referred to as”cyborg,” however, to transhumanists these are “posthuman.”

As of now, Anonym prefers another term that is”grinder. “grinder,” meaning a combination of machines and humans.

Transhumanism is all about “optimizing” the human body

Transhumanism is an idea which aims to change human nature by advancing technology that improves physical, mental, and capacities for thinking — a posthuman is a person who can achieve this kind of transformation.

Transhumanism’s roots are discovered in the cyberpunk literature.

If you’re unfamiliar with books from the genre of this, then you could have seen its films or video games, such as “Blade Runner” or “Cyberpunk 2077.”

On the blog of Anonym On their blog, they refer to “Neuromancer” as the first book they adored which is a science-fiction novel written by William Gibson. The book depicts a world in where technology has had an impact, sometimes negative, on society and/or cultural environment.

The movement is characterized by its own language that you might have heard before on this page. For instance, Lepht is himself a biohacker. A biohacker is a person who modifies their body with technology to allow it to work differently.

Anonym is described as a transhumanist who is practical. Certain transhumanists prefer sticking to the theoretical aspect of the concept, however Anonym utilizes antennae, chips and other tools to effectively “hack” their biological systems.

Over 50 painful surgeries

Their blog Lepht maintains a log of surgical procedures they’ve had. The first was back in 2007 after, with the help of a close friend Lepht inserted an implant into their hand to allow the palm of their hand as a payment method instead using a credit card.

The procedures are very painful and, since doctors can’t aid, they cannot make use of anesthetic. Anonym isn’t averse to pain, but.

Every single operation has had two objectives — to determine what equipment will allow humans to go over limits of their mental and physical limitations and improve themselves as much as possible.

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Anonym was looking to gain an additional sense. To accomplish this, they underwent numerous procedures to insert magnetic elements in their fingers. They are activated by tiny wire coils that are connected to sensors from outside like infrared detectors and enable the biohacker to detect what distance they are between themselves and the objects.