The businesswoman with a savvy approach set up a business in her college room that generates an average of PS34 million annually and exports its products in more than forty nations.

Despite the phenomenal popularity and success that followed, Sara likes to keep her feet on the ground and most importantly, make sure that her children are doing the same.

In an exclusive interview with Fabulous the magazine, she stated: “We do live in a gorgeous, spacious home in a wonderful neighborhood that is quite different from the way my husband and I were raised however I would like to make sure they’re in the same place and share the same principles.

“My husband is extremely adept in keeping me on track. Every December we travel to this lovely Hotel in Dubai for an extended weekend only us two and I’ll say “let’s bring our kids, they’ll enjoy it and Simon says no, because as kids, we didn’t have that sort of thing.

“He doesn’t want them to think that that is what a family holiday is. So we have that, the two of us for a weekend, and then we take the kids for an all-inclusive cheapie package deal to Tenerife in the summer. They love it.”

It’s not only on family holidays that couples refrain from splashing out the money.

Sara told us: “Our kids are massive Thomas The Tank Engine fans and we’d been to Thomas Land the previous year and they absolutely loved it.

“The the following year Simon [my husband’s] mother and father wanted to go to Thomas Land and they did.

“I thought I’d missed out on the opportunity by not booking the tickets so I decided”In the half-term of October, I’m booking tickets” and Simon advised me not to.

“He replied: ‘No I’m not saying that you’re not, they’ve in the past, and I don’t want people to believe that it’s a normal thing.’

“I was distraught because I haven’t taken them that year and I want to see the joy on their faces. But he said: ‘No it’s not about you, it’s about them’.”

However, even while she and her husband aren’t keen from spending the money, Sara is committed to taking care of her family in the way that is most important to them.

She stated: “There are some things I would like my children to be able to enjoy that I did not but I am my persona today because of my upbringing. I would like to be like them..

“I’d like to see my kids work in the company however, because it’s huge and corporate, you cannot come in with the five-year-old to load boxes!

“My sister has assumed the family business, which includes the paint and wallpaper shop that my parents ran when I was a kid.

“Last week of half term, she helped the children polish paint tins and packing containers and doing the other things I had to accomplish.

“It brought tears to my eyes to see to know that this woman was able to provide them an experience that we could not because the company is just too large. They’re studying.

“She’d give them a little pocket money for doing it, a few quid of their wages and they are starting to understand how much things cost.”