This is the moment of drama an angry topless man was tasered for trying to smash into the family home.

In shocking footage, the yob is attacking a family’s front door while a woman pleads with the yob to leave, because they have kids upstairs

However, the man continues to yell and threatens the couple as they contact the police whom they claim are “ten minutes too late”.

The father in the house is asking: “What the f**k is wrong with you? “.

The topless thug shouts “I’m invincible” before kicking at the door.

He threats the intruder to “rip your f***ing face off” while the father is kicking the flap towards the intrusion.

His companion is heard to say: “Please we’ve got children, they’re crying upstairs.”

The footage then goes to the outside, while two police officers appear.

When they shout “get on the floor now” The man pulls his pants down and is seen showing his bum to the officers.

The man then falls rigidly to the ground while one of the officers attempts to force him to be Tasered and are able to straddle him and arrest him.

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But the suspect’s not finished yet and escapes their grasp.

He is seen jumping across a fence to the back yard of the homeowners before the clip is cut.

The video went viral after it was uploaded to Twitter but it’s not known exactly when and where the video was shot.

Twitter users took to twitter to poke fun at the image the man who was standing on the unlocked “cat flap” after he kicked the door open.