Ken Mack Fake Followers

Popular online personality and investor Ken Mack has had his identity stolen by Instagram scammers. In recent months, a large number of accounts have popped up on Instagram which are pretending to be Mack.


The scammers are reportedly contacting followers of Ken to entice them to transfer money for ‘’an investment’’. Believing it to be Ken Mack himself, some people fell for the trap. A number of Ken’s followers have come forward to say they have lost money to the scam accounts, with some losing “everything”. Screenshots obtained from complaints to Ken’s team reveal the many victims of the scam.

We contacted Ken Mack for comment. A representative for the investor said “Mr Mack would never request payment for anything over Instagram. We urge all of Ken’s followers and the public in general to be extremely cautious of these scammers. The only legitimate Instagram profile for Ken Mack is (@kenmackshow). If you come across any fake profiles going forward, please report them to Instagram immediately”.