Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins died unexpectedly in Colombia, and guitarist Brian May is expressing his frustration in a video. The band reacted to the news by releasing a statement, which he praised. He also recalled one of his last messages with Hawkins, which he posted to his Facebook page. It’s difficult to see a musician who you love suddenly die of a disease.

Despite his grief over Hawkins’ death, the Foo Fighters have continued to release albums. On Tuesday, the group’s fourth album One By One was released. The obituary said Hawkins had nearly died when he was about to start a concert. The group’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, was a longtime friend of May and the band, and May was disappointed that he had to witness it.

During the press conference, May also praised Hawkins’ legacy as a drummer, saying that he was incredibly proud of his band’s achievements. He also cited his love of the city, citing its natural beauty and charm. In addition to the tributes, the drummer explained that the band had been unable to perform well without him for the last few years. Besides being a part of the Foo Fighters, Hawkins also worked with the Beatles and played in the Studio 666 film.

While the Foo Fighters are grieving their loss, Brian May also expressed his own frustrations at the loss of his fellow musician. He expressed his deep frustration that his bandmate had died suddenly. The musician had reissued his 1998 album ‘Another World’ on SiriusXM. The song was called “Love in a Hurt Body,” and the lyrics were “Love in a Time of War.”

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The musician was a close friend of Brian May and he was honoured with an OBE on 30 March. The two were close friends, and he compared the death of Hawkins to losing a younger favourite brother. The guitarist had a long-time crush on Hawkins. The two had also collaborated on a number of tracks, including ‘C-lebrity’.

The Foo Fighters have been on hiatus for four to five months due to Taylor Hawkins’ death. They were supposed to perform at the Grammys in April and continue their tour of North America. On March 30, the band played ‘Somebody to Love’ at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Later that month, their fans set candles outside the hotel. The band is still in the US to promote their new album, “One By One”.

The guitarist for Foo Fighters, Brian May, has shared a tribute to his deceased bandmate on Twitter. The guitarist has written about the musician and said that he’d always been a big fan of Maradona. In the photo, Maradona is wearing a t-shirt that looks like his. It’s hard to believe that someone can die of a heart attack.

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