After breaking up with her fiance Carl, glamour model Katie Price turned heads with an engagement ring. She posted two videos on social media to promote the new design of her makeup. The first shows the glamour model wearing a pink tracksuit with a diamond ring. The second video shows her holding the dazzling bling. The news broke as Carl appeared in court accused of committing physical and verbal abuse towards his wife and children.

After breaking up with her fiance Carl, Katie Price has turned heads with her engagement ring. The ring is a PS50,000 diamond, which she has recently revealed she bought for herself. During the event, she sat with a friend in a London barber shop, looking carefree and refreshed from her holiday in Thailand. Her hair was styled in an up-do, giving her a casual yet chic look.

The ring is the latest sign of Carl’s renewed interest in Katie. The ring is a diamond engagement surrounded by diamonds and emeralds, and it is the perfect touch to a casual outfit. The ring is a huge, sexy piece of jewelry and it makes the star turn heads. The hefty ring is the perfect statement about a relationship that is in crisis.

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It’s not the first time the actress has flaunted her bling. After her alleged breakup with fiance Carl Woods, she’s been silent on social media. On Monday, she posed with her best friend in a barbershop, holding an engagement ring that she had bought for herself. The star also looked carefree in a red jumper and cream joggers and a white baseball cap. Although her ring wasn’t visible in the video, she sported it as part of a promotional campaign for a cosmetics brand.

In another recent Instagram post, the aspiring actress showed off her engagement ring after her breakup from fiance Carl Woods. The ring is a PS50,000 diamond. While it’s a significant amount of money, the ring was a gift from the actress’s mother. It’s hard to tell which ring she chose, however. The snazzy ring is a symbol of a new start.

Despite the rumoured breakup, Katie Price’s engagement ring looks incredible and continues to turn heads. The ring’s size is huge and the designer has said it’s not just her personal taste, but hers as well. Even though the ring’s size was incredibly large, it’s still noticeable enough to catch attention. Aside from that, the ring’s hefty size was the clincher.

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