The rising star has been working on her new album and cannot wait to perform it on the road. Currently in Los Angeles, she says she is excited to surprise fans with a new album. As part of her new record deal, Rita will now own all of her masters. This is a major step forward for artists, and she says she is thrilled to be taking this leap.

The singer has been writing and recording her new album since February and can’t wait to share the new songs with her fans. She has been working on the new album for more than two years and she is confident that it will be a great success. She has been collaborating with Ed Sheeran on some of the tracks, and she can’t wait to play them live on the road.

The singer is also planning to tour again, and she’s been in Los Angeles for the past few months. The new album will be her first under her new record label, and she’s excited to surprise her fans. The artist has also made the decision to take control of her masters, which will give her more freedom to create the music she wants.

Meanwhile, Rita Ora has been busy working on her new album in secret, and she’s looking forward to performing it in concert. The singer has been in Los Angeles recording her new album and has told fans that she’ll surprise them with the new music. Her new album will be her first release under the new deal with BMG. She owns all of her masters now, which will allow her to create more freely and be more honest.

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In the meantime, Rita Ora is working on her third album, which will be her first since the release of Phoenix in 2018. The new album will include the hit single Anywhere and the Ed Sheeran-penned Your Song. The singer has been busy in the studio, and the new album is set to be a surprise for her fans. This will be her first project under the new deal with Atlantic Music. It’s also the first one she has signed after her split with the label.

After her debut album, Rita Ora has been working on her upcoming album and she’s excited to perform it for her fans. In addition to performing her new songs, she is also working on her upcoming world tour. She has been recording in Los Angeles for the last year and plans to release the new album at the beginning of 2013. The singer will be able to own the masters of her upcoming songs, allowing her to make them as unique as she wants.

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