Pop star Ariana Grande has launched a new fund to defend and protect trans youth rights in the US. The money she raises will be used to support organizations that work to protect and advocate for transgender youth. The funds will be used to support the work of organizations in various states. The groups that will benefit from the fund include the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, Equality Florida, Jasmyn and Gendernexus.

The artist is taking a stand for human rights by launching a fund to help defend and protect trans youth. As a trans woman, she will have a unique opportunity to speak out for her community. The U.S. is currently facing hundreds of disgraceful bills aimed at curbing the rights of trans youth. The Ariana Grande fund will provide vital funds to organizations that work to protect trans youth.

In honour of the International Transgender Day of Visibility, Grande has launched a fund to help protect trans youth. It’s an online fundraising platform with a simple goal: to support organizations that provide direct services to trans youth and fight for their rights. Right now, there are hundreds of disgraceful pieces of legislation pending in state legislatures that aim to limit or even prohibit the rights of transgender people.

The Fund aims to support organizations working to protect and empower transgender youth. The singer’s fund is being run in collaboration with donation platform Pledge. The aim of the fund is to encourage fans to donate to the Trans Youth Fund and to show their support for the community. To date, the singer has collected more than $1.5 million from fans. There are also many other charities that support trans youth and their families.

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The singer has teamed up with fundraising organization Pledge to launch the Protect and Defend Trans Youth Fund. The fund will support organizations working to protect trans youth in the US and match donations up to $1.5 million. In addition to helping these organizations, the funds will help her promote the cause by encouraging her fans to donate to her cause. The fund will also support the Black and White Trans Advocacy Coalition.

The Transgender Youth Fund is a great way to get involved in the transgender community. The fund will be used to promote and advocate for transgender youth in various states, including California. It will also support 19 other organizations working in the transgender community. Among them are Pledge, the nonprofit group’s founder. With the help of Pledge, Ariana Grande will raise funds to protect and support the rights of transgender youth.

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