Arianna Grande, an American singer, has announced that she will take a break from singing in order to pursue other paths.

In an interview with Allure the Positions singer stated that she would like to pursue other passions and put a halt to her music career.

Grande opened up about her brand, r.e.m. Grande spoke out about her new brand, r.e.m.

They are our main storytellers, and they are also our primary sources of communication. She said that she feels like your eyes can communicate more than your words sometimes.

“I have thought about this a lot, of course, as I don’t want just to jump on any bandwagons. That’s what I believe. I wear the makeup of my peers just as much as I listen to their music.

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I won’t say that there are too many female artists. I just love the idea of having a different way to tell stories. You can’t have enough makeup.