The Stillwater actor doesn’t have any social media accounts. Matt Damon is keeping a low profile on social media.

Although he doesn’t have any social media accounts, Stillwater actor 50 has revealed in GQ’s October cover story that he does have a “very private Instagram account” which he uses to keep in touch with his close friends.

He told the outlet that he has 76 followers and had done 40 posts since 2013. He also shared that his most recent photograph was of Isabella, his 15-year old daughter, holding her middle finger.

He said, “That’s what she has been doing every single time we take a photo of her nowadays.”

Damon said that he doesn’t have a large social media following, aside from his small Instagram account.

He said, “I just never saw it.” As time passes, I feel more confident about this decision. Although I can understand the desire to connect to everyone on Facebook, my life is so full that I feel connected to all I need.


He said, “And then Twitter. I just reflexively did not believe that my initial knee-jerk reaction to something was necessarily something which should be all over the globe.”

In a wide-ranging interview with GQ, Damon also spoke out about his friendship with Ben Affleck, and the touching moment they shared during the filming of Good Will Hunting, 1997. __S.13__

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He said, “Sometimes these moments sneak up on your,” “And that was another of those moments we didn’t expect to come.” It was amazing to see actors and those actors saying what we wrote.

He said, “Just, I suppose, a mix of joy and despair.” And relief. And gratitude. This would be the end of it. It was a wonderful moment. It’s not something I regret saying.”