The Foo Fighters drummer passed away on February 6, and Machine Gun Kelly reflected on the tragic loss on his SiriusXM radio show. The singer talked about the last time he saw Hawkins, who was just 31 years old. He recalled the moment he hung out with the drummer and the impact it had on his life. During the interview, Kelly talked about the importance of family, and he reflected on seeing Hawkins two days before his death.

The rapper told Machine Gun Kelly that Hawkins, who was a friend of Dave Grohl, was one of his favorite musicians. He was on the same bill with the Foo Fighters, and the frontman even invited him out for a drink. When Kelly was in Paraguay for the festival, he hung out with the band, and he also gave Hawkins a message about his son.

A few days ago, Machine Gun Kelly shared his reflections on seeing Taylor Hawkins two days before his tragic passing. The musician told Howard Stern that he had met Hawkins on a rooftop in Paraguay. Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled due to inclement weather. But Hawkins was still present, and Kelly invited him up to the band’s hotel to say goodbye. The two spoke about their lives and his children.

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The band were supposed to perform before Foo Fighters at a club in Paraguay. The show was canceled due to bad weather, but the group continued anyway. In the aftermath of the canceled concert, the band met with Emma Sofia, who had been campaigning to join the band for months. She had a drum set outside the hotel and Hawkins noticed her.

Although the Foo Fighters had already seen Hawkins a few months before their death, their concert was canceled due to inclement weather. Fortunately, their concert was canceled two days before the death. Despite the tragic circumstances, the band’s performance did not go ahead. However, the canceled shows have inspired the band and its members. This week, they celebrated their second anniversary. The song “Hawk” was released on March 25.

On the Howard Stern Show, Machine Gun Kelly reflects on seeing the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The guitarist was invited to perform with the band two days before Hawkins’ death. The band’s frontman, Dave Grohl, invited the group to the rooftop and they sat on the band’s lap for a drink. Later that day, he was able to see Hawkins in person, and the guitarist said the singer “had a chance to speak with his son about his children.”

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