A woman has been praised for criticizing an “creepy old man” who was spotted staring at her while at the gym in a viral video that has more than 17 million viewers.

It can be located here it was uploaded to TikTok in the month of October through Personal fitness instructor Heidi Aragon (@fit_with_heidi), who wrote: “Don’t sit there and say that you’re not doing something when I’ve evidence.”

In the beginning on the film, an man could be seen looking at Aragon as he walks to an equipment piece close to her.

“This creepy old man at the gym would come over and looking at me” stated the film’s narration. “So I called my husband to come to the gym and did some work with me.”

In the next frame the man is in the next frame, sitting on a piece equipment, looking at Aragon as she sits at her desk. The husband walks in and starts lifting weights as Aragon performs a set of squats. But, that did not stop the man from looking at her.

“Even after her husband] arrived the old mancontinued to stare at him,” the narrator continued.

While the man does his work behind the scenes, he can be seen watching Aragon.

Aragon shifts the camera’s position so that the subject is not in the frame. Instead, she turns back to the spot the spot where he was last working out , and then looks at him.

“I decided to quit working out and stare at myself,” said the narrator. She stares for a few seconds before moving on to exercise. However, the workout doesn’t stop at that point.

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According to the account The man continued to look at the camera. Then, Aragon walks off camera to confront him.

“I advised him that when he was going to work out in this area, he needs to stop looking at me and making me feel uncomfortable,” the story claimed. “His reply was “I’m just watching.'”

“I then informed him that to record me doing my exercises, and I’ve got him on film,” the narration continued. “He shut up real quick.”