According to the authorities an animal “wandered away from its home” about six years ago, and was recently returned to the owner’s family through animal welfare organizations from San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio Care Services (ACS) posted a message regarding a cat who “looked like it was a bit downright sick” in a post on Facebook this Sunday.

Adan Perez Adan Perez, the officer responding, looked through the animal for a microchip, and found that the animal’s ID was Monkey Face but Perez also realized that the address of the cat was not up-to-date.

Perez However, Perez was determined to bring Monkey Face with his family and took it to ACS for a vet exam. Others ACS officers continued to search for Monkey Face’s owner in the time.

“Once there at ACS, Monkey Face was taken care of by our medical staff and our staffers who were placed to search for the parents of her,” ACS wrote. “We realized that the address was incorrect and soon discovered that the contact information for her was the same.”

“We did not stop there, Our team carried on with conduct research and work to find Monkey Face’s mother…after more than two months, they located Monkey Face’s mom,” ACS added.

“Ms. Monkey Face” is shown in photos attached to the post on social media. “F,” She said, as she smacked and held her friend who was long lost.

“[There union was EXTREMELY worth the money!” After such a long period of time it was clear to see how happy the couple were as they cuddled,” ACS said.

Monkey Face isn’t the first animal to see her owner after a long time of separation.

When their cat Forbes was missing in March of 2011, Neil and Lucy Henderson are two people from Scotland returned to Forbes in September.


“We sought him out throughout the months” Neil told the Scottish SPCA, “but we needed to come to the regretful realisation that the worst could be happening.”

They were “over over the over the moon” when they received an email by their local Scottish SPCA on September 10 years later, announcing that Forbes was located.

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“While I was driving on driving, my wife rang and told me to stop,” Neil explained. “I was totally unprepared for what I was going to hear. And the information that Forbes was discovered astounded me.”

Margaret Kudzma was reunited with her cat Mini Max this summer, six years after he leapt off her Massachusetts home located on the second floor.