It is taking firm action over the so-called Glupteba botnet, and is suing two Russians who are believed to be responsible for the alleged Glupteba botnet.

It’s a well-known piece of malware that has been known to take control of users’ Windows PCs.

Criminals are able to steal individuals’ personal details and information and use your device for mining cryptocurrency.

At times , the harrowing attack was being spread at the rate of tens of thousands of new devices each day.

Google claimed it was able to disrupt the process by removing around 63 million Google Docs detected sharing Glupteba and more than 1100 Google Accounts and even 870 Google Ads.

It also warned that the criminals who run the network have already begun taking steps to ensure the network is in operation.

“We are aware of and recognize the risks that the Internet faces, and do our part to combat them,”” the company said.

This is the first time that legal actions have been initiated against a botnet that is blockchain-enabled.

The complaint was made with the Southern District of New York to be heard for computer fraud, misuse, as well as trademark infringement.


They also requested an interim restraining order.

Google hopes that the move will keep others who are cyber-criminals off from making the same mistake.

Security experts do have doubts about the theory.

“It is very rare that those involved in these activities are discovered, which is why it’s better to combat these types of activities by taking proactive steps,” said Jake Moore an expert in cybersecurity from the firm that provides internet security ESET.

Like with all computers it is recommended to install antivirus software installed and perform regular scans, aswell in replacing default passwords with distinct passwords.

In addition, iPhone owners are being advised to modify their settings to shield the privacy of their text messages from prying eyes.

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The UK is combating an an epidemic of hacking attacks that target businesses and consumers According to government officials.

Apple has revealed that it will let customers repair themselves iPhones at first beginning next year.

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