Following a lot of speculation by their followers, the TikTok’s Anna Sitar, a.k.a. @annaxsitar and Josh “Bru” Brubaker, a.k.a. @bruontheradio are official social media accounts.

The TikTok’s Anna Sitar and Josh ” Bru” Brubaker have established their connection. On December. 7 the stars of social media posted videos that confirmed what their fans had been speculating for years: They’re dating!

“You already are aware of the tweets that :),” Anna, a.k.a. @annaxsitar, tweeted on her 11.1 million followers. Her tweet included a number of adorable videos of the couple snuggling, dancing, and kissing. Bru who is also known as @bruontheradio, also advised the 3.7 million fans to “act stunned” while sharing a number of cute photos of the pair.

“Texting my parents in March,”” he wrote in the video. “‘Hey dad and mom I was able to meet an acquaintance Michigander living in L.A.'”

Naturally the fans were thrilled with the news.

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As mentioned, the announcement was not an big surprise for Anna and Bru’s followers. They’ve been hinting about their relationship for quite a while. A few days ago, Anna, who was recently identified as one of the site’s most prominent stars, wrote regarding ” dating your internet crush.” On November. 25, Anna posted her video and wrote “When you were just a single pixie and one day, someone started messaging you, and they never stopped.”