Thailand is one of those destinations that is usually at the top of a traveller’s list of places to visit and there are many reasons for this. A need for a change of environment coupled with a desire to see the world is all it takes for a single person (or couple) to start looking at travel and foreign employment opportunities. If you have TEFL certification, that is very much a feather in your cap. You can work anywhere in the world, if you are qualified as an English language instructor and that is a major reason why people do this.

Thai Culture

One of the most rewarding aspects of a visit to Thailand is experiencing the colourful Thai culture and rather than just a holiday, getting a TEFL certification enables you to get a job as an English teacher. Living and working in a Thai town takes you away from the tourist track and you live in a Thai community – something you can never experience when holidaying. You will learn to speak Thai and make many new friends when you are placed in a school and some people stay for several years, or even longer.

Gaining Valuable Work & Life Experience

Many young people are looking to gain valuable experience by living and working in a foreign country. If you fancy yourself teaching English and you are a native speaker, search online for TEFL courses Chiang Mai offers and book a place on the next course. The course provider can guarantee you a placement in a Thai school, which is great, and you can choose the age group you prefer to teach. You will also make new friends with like-minded people who are also getting TEFL certification, and you might find a good travel companion.


If you are a native English speaker, all you need to do is take a one-month intensive TEFL course and you are able to work in a Thai school. Your employer will obtain a work permit and extend your visa and you will be paid during the holidays. It is normal to sign a 12-month contract that can be renewed if you wish, although the school does need a commitment to stay for an entire academic year.

Learning By Doing

The best way to learn how to be a teacher is to teach. Once you finish the TEFL certification, you know how to create lesson plans, present the material and use a range of resources. Some might say that going to Thailand to teach English is being thrown in at the deep end, but perhaps that is the best way to gain teaching skills.

Online Solutions

If you would like to relocate to Thailand and become TEFL certified, start with a Google search to locate a reputable school that runs TEFL courses. Many prefer a quieter life in Chiang Mai, rather than the madness of Bangkok and once you are certified, you can work in any part of Thailand.