Japan is Open to Travel - But Why Aren't Tourists Coming Back?


The problem is that the country doesn’t allow individual travelers, only organized groups. Many Westerners value spontaneity, and don’t want to be babysat. One New York-based public relations professional had hoped to visit Japan in 2022, when the borders re-opened. But her trip ended up being cancelled due to bureaucratic delays. What can we do?


After the Covid attack, the country has been re-opening to individual leisure tourism. But that doesn’t mean that Japan is welcoming more foreigners than before. In fact, the country’s travel policy discourages many Westerners from visiting. Despite this, Japan remains a top wish-list destination for many. This article explores the reasons why many Westerners haven’t come back.


A new travel ban in Japan has created frustration for international travelers, and it’s even more upsetting for the people who live in Japan. While many citizens of other countries have returned, they can’t bring their family members back. It’s a sad reality for those who want to spend quality time with their loved ones. While the ban has slowed the flow of tourists to Japan, it’s also creating opportunities for local residents.


One answer is the government’s decision to reopen the country to travel only in organized groups, rather than individual travellers. But many Westerners value spontaneity and want to avoid the hassles of organized travel. For example, Melissa Musiker, a New York-based public relations professional, and her husband have been to Japan six times, and had been planning to return in 2022, when the country’s borders opened again.

Alternatives for bank vacations

If you’re not planning on staying at a traditional bank during your vacation in Japan, you may want to consider an alternative credit card. This type of card does not require a monthly salary of over 250,000 yen and no permanent residency in Japan. However, you will need to provide an initial deposit. Other credit cards may offer higher credit limits. It is important to understand what these credit cards require before traveling to Japan.

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Covid cases

While many people in the United States are excited to travel to Japan, the numbers don’t reflect the country’s real appeal. The country is not as welcoming to foreign tourists as it once was. Only 5% of the country’s tourism revenue comes from foreign tourists, and the government wants to change that. It is trying to change public opinion and behavior. Small, incremental changes can make a big difference.