FIA Arrests 12 Men Trying To Travel Abroad On Fake Visa

FIA Arrests 12 Men Trying To Travel Abroad On Fake Visa

Getting a Schengen visa for a few months costs about Rs2 million, but some people are willing to pay up to Rs4 million. So, how do you avoid being caught in such a scam? First, get a national identity card from your country of origin and travel to your destination using it. Secondly, get a passport in the country of your destination. The FIA has 112 “most wanted” traffickers listed in its Red Book.

FIA’s modus operandi involves obtaining a national identity card

An important part of an applicant’s travel plans will be obtaining a national identity card to travel overseas. The process can be long, requiring several visits to an office and submitting additional documentation. Many applicants allege that they could have their NICs within a week, but this cannot be verified in the time frame of Extended Response. As a result, the FIA has made the application process more challenging for those who are attempting to travel abroad.

The FIA’s latest crackdown has resulted in the arrest of three senior officials from a passport office. The officers arrested Muhammad Aslam, an assistant director of the Directorate of Registration, and Mazhar Hussain Jafferi, a central deputy registration officer. The three men were accused of issuing 2,000 fake passports each month to illegal immigrants.

In another case, FIA agents arrested two clerks at a Karachi passport office and remanded them in custody. The two were charged with participation in issuing false passports to foreigners. They were caught after a police raid at the RK Travel Agency in Ramdas Bazaar. The police confiscated 78 false passports, fake driving licenses, and illegally obtained passports.

Obtaining a passport in the country of origin

FIA has arrested 12 males from Jinnah Worldwide Airport Karachi in connection with an attempt to travel abroad with fake visas. The arrests were made at the airport by the FIA Immigration Cell in multiple operations during May. Those detained were offloaded from planes and transported to passport cell for further investigations. Further arrests are pending. The arrests come after the FIA arrested three persons on charges of travel fraud in April.

FIA officials say they have uncovered a huge human trafficking ring operating out of Pakistan. The FIA has also arrested Kashif Rafique, the top wanted outlaw on the FIA’s Red Book. Kashif Rafique is accused of illegally sending people to Australia, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

The FIA has also arrested several people working at passport offices. They included Nasir Sherwani, the superintendent of the Nazimabad passport office, and Syed Israr Ali Chishti, an examiner in the Saddar passport office. These men have been linked to numerous international crimes, including fake visas and fake passports. Those arrested are believed to be jihadists fighting in Afghanistan.

Obtaining a passport in the country of destination

Obtaining a passport in the country you are visiting on a fake visa is a serious offence under the Indian Penal Code. Passport fraud can be punishable under sections related to cheating and forgery of the IPC. In one recent case, a passenger from India was stopped at the Paris airport for having a “forged” travel document. In a suspicious move, the CISF discovered the “forged” travel document and arrested the Indian passenger. A network of criminals has emerged in the country and most of them are based in Punjab and Gujarat, and the exploitation of innocent victims is the main focus of this network.

The fake passports are often made in the countries where the bearer is a citizen. This helps them pass the security checks of the destination country. However, some countries do not allow this type of travel document. Obtaining a passport in the country of destination on a fake visa is illegal. It is recommended that you check the validity of your passport at least six months before you travel.

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Obtaining a passport in the country you are traveling to on a fake visa is an increasingly popular trend, with millions of people being ripped off by fraudulent sites. Before you make your next big purchase, make sure to check out the website’s reputation and read any complaints. You may also be able to find more accurate information on the website by researching any complaints and reviews of other users.