What is the Difference between Richard Branson's Mission to Space and Jeff Bezos?

According to reports, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, the owner of Blue Origin Space Company, are flying into space on separate flight missions. Richard Branson will be seen flying into space on July 11, 2021. Jeff Bezos is expected to follow him on July 20, 2021. Both pilots will be flying in specially designed planes that are safer for their passengers.

Although they are relatively close to launch, there are a few differences between the two entrepreneurs in how they carry out their space missions. Below is a list listing the differences between these two entrepreneurs.

1. Attained target height

New Shepard will fly sub-orbitally. It can carry passengers up to 100 km from Earth’s surface on a straight-up and down trip. Dan Branson plans on flying his spacecraft VSS Unity up to 80 km above the Earth’s surface. The plane returned to Earth, landing on its runway in New Mexico, citing Gizmodo, Wednesday (7/7).

2.Number of travelers

What is the Difference between Richard Branson's Mission to Space and Jeff Bezos?

The New Shepard can carry six passengers and has six observation windows, which is three times more than a Boeing 747 jetliner. Jeff will fly along with his younger brother Mark Bezos and Wally Funk (82 years old) as a passenger. The New Shepard spacecraft will take them to Earth orbit. Blue Origin’s aircraft is fully autonomous and does not require pilots. Branson VSS Unity’s plane is believed to have five passengers. Branson will be accompanied by Beth Moses (head of training), and Sirisha and Colin Bandla, Virgin Galactic employees. The spacecraft can accommodate six passengers and two pilots, according to reports.

3. Type of aircraft

Branson will fly alongside Virgin Galactic’s commercial space carrier. Bezos will fly aboard his New Shepard launcher. Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity plane has a special booster that can launch VSS Unity into orbit. White Knight Two was the name of the plane. VSS Unity reaches the desired target at an altitude of approximately 15 000 meters.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard aircraft is an autonomous type of aircraft that can fly itself, and does not require a driver. The New Shepard, a 60-foot rocket, claims it can be reused. The booster lifts the passenger ship up to an altitude of approximately 76 km, and then the capsule and rocket separate in the air.

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4. Ticket costs

They both have aspirations to revive space travel. Bezos, Branson, and others offer space travel at competitive prices. Virgin Galactic tickets will be available for purchase at prices between US$ 200 thousand and US$ 250 thousand, or Rp. 2.8 billion (exchange rate Rp. 14,484 to Rp. 3.6 billion. According to The Verge, the cost of tickets for a Branson-designed VSS Unity mission trip will be around US$250,000 (or Rp). 3.6 billion.