US: A 10 billion euro contract that was given to Microsoft by the Pentagon has been cancelled

USA Department of Defense attributes its decision not to renew a $ 10 billion contract to provide cloud infrastructure.Microsoft had won

Microsoft had won the contract in 2019, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the other claimant. AWS went on the offensive, even going to court, claiming that the decision was made after the political intervention by the US President. Donald Trump. Who doesn’t like Jeff Bezos, who was until recently the CEO of Amazon Group? Or the Washington Post which is a well-known newspaper owned by Mr. Bezos?

This contract was to create a Microsoft cloud infrastructure that would store sensitive military data, advanced applications that use artificial intelligence, and other advanced applications. It was expected to be worth as high as $ 10 billion over the next ten years and was considered one the most important contracts in the global IT market, both for its size and because it involved the US military. Amazon Web services as the cloud’s global market infrastructure cloud was considered the favorite to win the contract.

The following is the March 2020 editionPentagonAmazon was under pressure to make deposits so Amazon announced that it would reconsider the deal. Amazon claims that Mr. Trump had publicly attacked Amazon with specific references to the tender.

The Pentagon eventually chose a different solution. They cancelled the contract and asked for bids from Microsoft or AWS. However, any other cloud infrastructure provider could meet their very high requirements. The Pentagon announced that it had canceled the contract and would now seek bids from Microsoft and AWS. However, any other cloud infrastructure provider can meet its very high demands.US Department of DefenseIt claims it is proceeding with a tender because of technological changes, but also because of the new conditions. This is a great way to cancel the contract and announce a new tender. Many analysts believe it is possible that the two main competitors will eventually share the huge contract.

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