Eleanor Love founded The Simple Sunflower in the year 2019 — and, since then, the company has sent out more than 1,000 repurposed flower arrangements to hospital patients in the area.

Eleanor Love came up with the concept for “The Simple” Sunflower -an initiative that gives floral arrangements from weddings and other events to patients in hospitals in the year 2019, while she was doctoral student in the medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University.
“I was inspired by my clinical experiences during my time as an medical student help my patients , but in a fresh and unique manner.” Love, now 27.

When she came up with the idea Love began to reach at local wedding organizersup to the point that her team has managed to send close to 1000 bouquets to people at VCU Medical Center.

While it may seem like a small gesture is a flower arrangement, it can have a profound impact on patients.

Additionally, they can make their hospital stay easier, Love said the unexpected births can “improve their experience at the hospital and may even lessen their fatigue.”

Of the many life she has touched one is the most notable.

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“My favorite memory is when I brought flowers to one of my patients who had been in hospital for a few weeks recuperating from heart disease,” Love recalled. “When I presented her with the bouquet of flowers she was stunned and amazed since we give the flowers as part of anonymous present.”

After spending three weeks in hospital The flowers were the best thing that could have happened.

“Her face was glowing and she began to cry and she shared with me the story of her backyard garden,” Love shared. “She said she’d been in medical center for three weeks, and it was an extremely lengthy and stressful event for her. It truly brightened her day and made her stay much more pleasant.”