Drake Bell recently sat down for a conversation and spoke about his feelings on the false charges of child endangerment that he’s faced.

Bell addressed the issue on an Instagram video, in which Bell was seen saying “A large portion of the news that you’ve heard and most of the information that you’ve heard recently is completely false and erroneous and I think that you are due and need to give you the opportunity to provide an explanation.”

“I realize that this investigation is happening very fast for you but for me, it’s been a long, comprehensive investigation into every fake assertion that’s been made. It’s not me who is telling you that these claims are not true However, the Ohio state Ohio has proved that the claims are not true.”

“If these claims were true, my life would be quite different and I wouldn’t be home at all together with my spouse and son. However I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes. I reacted to a fan’s age I didn’t even know … however, when I realized their age, conversation and conversation ended.”

“And the person continued to attend performances and to pay for meetings and greetings even though I didn’t realize that this was the exact person I was chatting with on the internet. And, of course, I confessed to. Well, as you can imagine … I sent reckless and reckless to send out texts.”

When he explained his motives for agreeing to the plea deal, the defendant added “This is only about texts and when I was offered an offer to plead guilty, due to of the text messages I believed it was the best option to end this quickly and allow everyone involved to off to a better start.”

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After he concluded, he stated “And it’s important to don’t trust the media straight out of the gate You know, it’s an abundance of clickbait. Do your own research and to your own conclusion. And I want to thank everyone … thanks for standing to me. And I cherish you all. I’ll be seeing you soon.”