Jennifer Lawrence cannot wait to become a mom and start the family she wants with her spouse Cooke Maroney.

This actress is thrilled for the next addition to her family, has said that she won’t be taking any time off from her acting profession.

A source from the film industry said, “Jen wanted a family for a long time , and discovered the perfect partner who she loves, respects and loves being with.”

“She is a lover of marriage and they have an excellent foundation for a baby. She’s extremely happy and is looking forward to becoming mother,” the source added.

Concerning J.Law’s plans for work, an insider told the truth, “She loves her work and she will keep it that way.

“Like many actors, she will manage her acting career with her time as a mother and wife. Jen is able to do this successfully. Jen feels grounded, and is ready to become a parent since she loves her family.

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“She realizes that a happy mother is superior to one who throws away the things she loves only to regret the decision. I’m sure this wouldn’t occur to the woman she loves,” the source concluded.

In the year 2019 Lawrence spoke out about how she came to know Maroney was the right man for her. “I had just had a meeting with Cooke and I was determined to get married to him. We both wanted to get married to one another. We wanted to make a commitment to each other completely,” she said at the moment.

Lawrence and Maroney were married in the month of October in 2019.