Hollywood famous Angelina Jolie would return to Cambodia in the near future to launch her next Women for Bees programme in Samlout where she is a residence.

Maleficent’s actress of 46 years continues to educate the public about the conservation of bees and the need to invest in women’s education in her ongoing collaboration with Guerlain.

Angelina as an ambassador for the luxury French beauty brand was named godmother for Women to Bees -the female-led beekeeping entrepreneurial program that Guerlain introduced last year in conjunction with UNESCO.

“We wanted to ensure there was at minimum 50x women from the biospheres to be able to comprehend the biospheres and the reasons why it was crucial to define and create teams,” Jolie tells.

Brad Pitt’s wife Angelina Jolie says it’s “insane” that the significance of the issue isn’t being debated. “It’s very irritating isn’t it? It’s like we need to explain this to them. It’s they have the right.”

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To provide education opportunities to women and girls across the globe The Oscar winner noted: Once the girl of today was born, she is entitled to the right to educate herself and it’s the only thing she has to do for the rest of her life.