Twitter has suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican from Georgia) on Monday, following a pair post about Covid-19, which the company claimed violated its misinformation policies.

Greene, who has made a comparison between the Holocaust and the U.S. Capitol’s mask mandates, was suspended earlier this year from Twitter for making false claims regarding voter fraud. He will now be barred from the social media platform for 12 hour.

Greene made unsubstantiated claims in the tweets posted Sunday and Monday about Covid-19, and the vaccine effort.

These claims are made as a contagious, new variant of coronavirus surges in states with low vaccination rates. Hospital and public health officials fear a rise in deaths and cases.

Twitter launched a “strike program” in March for Covid-19 misinformation. After two to three strikes, a user’s account will be locked for twelve hours and seven days following four strikes.

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After five strikes, the user will be banned.

Officials from the company claimed that Greene’s account had been hit with “multiple” strikes. Greene posted a Facebook message on Monday night calling out the platform for an “attack on her freedom of speech”.